Renee Roberts Kopp
Central Pennsylvania

Bio: Business owner and single mother of five young men. Declaring that "Domestic violence does NOT have to be a social disease anymore! Do NOT be ashamed that you are a victim. No one has any right to hit you or hurt you with words which is verbal abuse." in October of 2013, Renee's private abuse case was thrust in to the public media when her husband refused a plea bargain with the District Attorney. He chose a jury trial so he could prove that she deserved to be hit with a paddle for not saying 'yessir' to him when demanded of her. Because there was video evidence, he never said he didn't hit her, he just wanted to go to trial to prove he was justified in doing so. After the criminal trial with only one hour of deliberation, the 8 men/4 women jury found him guilty of stalking and harrassment charges. His sentence was coupled with breaking multiple Protection From Abuse orders, so he landed in jail for 3 months with 2 years of probation. Leaving jail in January of 2014, Kirby continued to publicly explain that he was setup to hit Renee and claimed he "had no other choices, what could I do, she wouldn't listen to me?". The internet gave way to international interest in this story and The Dr. Phil producers convinced him to tell his story on their show which aired September 2014. Kirby had a one hour segment to explain himself, and Renee answered Dr. Phil's questions in a thirty minute segment the following day. You can view the shows at: Day 1: http://www.drphil.com/shows/2253/ and Day 2: http://www.drphil.com/shows/2254/

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