Why? Reason # 1


Why? (aka Why share your dirty laundry? just move on with life why don’t you?)

Reason #1:  I have been singing worship songs and actually meaning them … because of my private and outward expressions of surrender to the Lord to direct my footsteps… and because of telling Him regularly that I will do ANYthing, or go ANYwhere and say ANY message He would have for me to share. And then on 10/22/12, as I sat at the courthouse filing a protection order against my husband, it was all about feeling the burden, seeing the gap and hearing the urgency to join up with others gone before me and to become a beacon of hope to others who are still trapped in the bondage of abuse and slavery within their marriages. That day I felt, and I still continue to choose to walk boldly and not be afraid, and to allow my experiences with domestic violence (disguised as discipline in the cloak of misinterpreted scriptures) to be an encouragement to the captives left dense in the fog and to be a wake-up call to the free that have ears to hear the cry of the “least of these”.  If you ask me why – I will ask you “Since when do we get to pick the message He asks us to share?”

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, Let me walk upon the waters, Wherever You would call me, Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, And my faith will be made stronger, In the presence of my Savior”

Lyrics from my inspiration song as I took the jump into the great unknown OCEANS (feet don’t fail me) by Hillsong [VIDEO with Lyrics]

2 thoughts on “Why? Reason # 1

  1. I shared this on my facebook with this comment. Thank you for allowing your story to help others.

    This blog is by Renee Roberts Kopp who’s husband abused her and the kids under the guise of ‘discipline’ she happened to get it on video and he was charged with abuse. Her story was shared on the Dr. Phil show. I thought this was good blog. Below are some of my observations on just keep quiet.

    If all of us that were in these abusive relationships just kept quiet and moved what would be the result?

    A. The abuser would get what he wanted silence, if what he/she was doing was ok they wouldn’t mind it being aired.

    B. No one would have any idea this was not a safe person to be with and therefore it is easier to get another victim.

    C. Are we doing and good to the abuser to let them continue on and hurt people, wouldn’t it be better to address the situation earlier than allow decades of abuse to occur?

    D. The targets/victims of these abusive people would continue to believe they are responsible for the abuse that happened to them. If only they had _________ and then the abuser wouldn’t ____________

    E. Children in these relationships have warped senses of what relationships are. Abuse to get your way or don’t have an opinion and be a doormat to try and not get abused. They can’t get help if they are not allowed to share what they experienced.

    F. All of the above.

    So what do you think?

    As for myself everytime I think maybe I should just be quiet because I have people comment that not all men are bad (which I never said) or that maybe it is just too hard to be in the trenches because you do see how wicked and treacherous some people are I get a message from someone that I had no clue my posts were impacting.
    This last time was after I was talked to someone and it seemed like they thought that I shouldn’t be doing this. I had woke up in the middle of the night processing it and prayed and asked God if that was truly what he wanted me to continue with and finally after wrestling with it I got back to sleep. What I saw the next morning was within the hour of me praying someone had sent a message that what I was posting was helping.

    So even though it is not a fun or popular ministry it is where God has called me to be and since He continues to give me confirmation that is where I will be in the trenches with God fighting for the victims/targets of the abusers.



  2. One more reason I think God is nudging many abuse survivors into public ministry these days is because of the mushrooming “male headship” type cults springing up all over and doing much to repress/harm women and children by their teaching that equates men with Christ in the home.

    This makes it veeeeeeery difficult for women to say “no” to “abuse,” aka, “Christly discipline,” or whatever the promoters of such thinking want to rename it, let alone for women to press charges against a criminal and get themselves and their children to safety.

    One cult that promotes this anti-biblical worldview is the Biblical Manhood, Biblical Womanhood movement. But in a sense it has existed since men decided that one of Eve’s “curses” listed in Genesis 3:16, the one about “and her husband shall lord over her” wasn’t actually a curse, but a mandate for husbands.

    I am so glad to read of more and more Christian women who are able to finally be free of abuse and to live safely. You are heroines and give many hope. Keep talking.


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